CAN Module, 1 Channel EGT Kit

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Introducing the Holley EFI Single Channel EGT Kits. Exhaust Gas Temperature data is critical information when your engine tune up is on the ragged edge. Knowing the exhaust temperature can help you identify potential horsepower left on the table, or pin point any weak links in your max effort race engine. You can also use this data to quickly identify a potential ignition misfire, or stuck injector! The included K type sensor is designed to work with any engine combination, with an open reinforced tip for the fastest response rate, and improved shielding. The included probe features a 60" lead and pre-terminated connector, ensuring it can be installed in almost any location. The included 316 stainless steel bungs feature a built-in step, making bung installation as easy as possible. Everything needed to upgrade your exhaust system is included, such as 1/4" 316 Stainless Steel EGT Bung, 1 EGT Probe, and either a Single Channel CANBus EGT Controller for Holley EFI, or Single Channel Analog EGT Controller, for universal installations.


  • Single Channel CAN EGT Module, for a quick and easy installation with Holley EFI, Part Number 554-188C
  • High Quality ¼” Stainless Steel EGT Weld Bung
  • Robust ¼” EGT Probe, designed to withstand the extreme cylinder pressures