High Flow Dual Solenoid Boost Control Kit

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Introducing the newest development from Holley EFI. The Holley EFI High Flow Dual Port Boost Control Kit. This kit contains a set of pre-installed high flow solenoids, which feature a dual O-ring sealing design, preventing any boost leaks out of the manifold. A black anodized billet aluminum manifold, with built-in mounting provisions. Two pre-terminated connectors for a quick installation, and extra pins for those wanting to cut the harnesses to custom lengths. Lastly, two 1/4" push-lock fittings to simplify the installation process. The Holley EFI boost control proprietary solenoid design flows nearly 40% better than comparable designs and up to 90% better than conventional 3-port boost control solenoids.


  • Black Anodized Billet Dual Port Manifold
  • Two 1/4” NPT Push-Lock Fittings for easy plumbing and installation
  • Two Pre-Terminated connectors simply plug into the solenoids and pin into Holley EFI ECU connectors
  • The billet manifold contains built in mounting provisions, setup for ¼ hardware
  • Proprietary design to flows nearly 40% more than comparable designs and up to 90% more than conventional 3-port boost control solenoids