Order Form For Dominator System - Fully Integrated EFI and Vehicle Wiring Board

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The full package for wiring your race car. This titan of a wiring system smoothly integrates both the engine wiring of your Holley EFI system and the necessary outputs of your vehicle wiring together in one centralized unit.

NOTE: While this board offers an integral and relatively compact mounting solution, its sheer size does not allow for perfectly flat mounting in all locations potentially desired. Ideal for mounting on the back wall of a truck cab beneath the rear window, on the passenger's side floor board, or on most firewalls. Please measure to verify fitment before ordering.

  • Up to 40 fused circuits
  • 10+ relays configured specifically for your combo
  • 11" x 16" board
  • Holley HP and Dominator ECU's bolt directly to board
  • TIG welded and powder coated steel frame
  • Stainless mounting hardware
  • 5/16" main battery power input stud
  • Dual panel-mount bulkhead connectors with unterminated harnesses for all chassis outputs
  • Unterminated harnesses are discreetly set up to cleanly route through the vehicle without spidering all over the place
  • Third bulkhead for custom-built Holley EFI harness to seamlessly interface with the relay center for fan control, nitrous control, switch inputs, etc.
  • Plug-and-play integration with Jolt Systems switch panel available


*Due to the countless options available, this $50 purchase is a fee to quote you a custom system. Once we receive your purchase, we'll send you our interactive form for you to build your system and choose specs exactly as you want. Once we receive your answers, we'll send you a fully itemized and detailed estimate, custom-tailored to give you the best possible combo based on your requests. We'll then go over final details, and give you the option to move forward with the build.

Please note that the $50 fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. However, it will be put towards the purchase of your system should you decide to move forward, and is good for 90 days once estimate is received.

Pricing starts at $1549.95 plus shipping. This includes:

  • Board system with mounting frame
  • 10 fused relay circuits (30A max)
  • 5 fused relay circuits (15A max)
  • 10 additional fused circuits
  • 12' unterminated harnesses for chassis connections
  • Custom EFI harness with single firewall disconnect and baseline input / output options
  • Modular injector harness to match your style of injectors

Systems are custom-built per order, and final pricing will vary depending on custom options and features, and input / output load out of the EFI system.