Plug-and-Play Harness Kit for Staged Injectors - Holley Dominator

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If you're stepping up the fuel game on your boosted Dominator EFI combo, make life easier with our fully terminated staged injector harness kit for Holley Dominator.


  • Utilizes the additional four injector outputs on J2B for running a second stage of injectors in batch fire on a v8 engine.
  • All leads fully terminated and plug-and-play except for battery power.
  • Fused power & heavy duty sealed relay built in for injector power
  • Injector harnesses included are compatible with all main harnesses from Holley.
  • Included Holley style injector harnesses are interchangeable between stage I and stage II injectors, but are permanently labeled with heat shrink for ease of troubleshooting.
  • For use with Dominator EFI only

What's in the Box

  • Terminated J2B Harness
  • Power / Ground Ring Terminal Kit
  • Injector Harness(es)