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Davis Technologies Profiler Wheel Speed Management System provides unprecedented control of wheel speed to give all classes of drag racers improved E.T. and consistency.  Profiler samples at an extremely high rate of 1,000 times per second and has incredible accuracy to one RPM.  Profiler can also include other great Davis products like Self Learning Traction Control, Bump Box, Pro Axe and Event Timers to control other systems in the car, such as Shifters, Fuel Solenoids, Lock-Ups, Converter Bleeds, etc. Special versions available for Holley EFI & FuelTech to allow for full control with coil packs or COP.

Using intuitive software to easily setup a desired drive shaft curve, and adjust corrections above or below the curve, to retard or advance timing make Profiler the absolute best Wheel Speed Management available.  The patented software gives the tuner unprecedented control of the power delivered to the drive wheels.

Wheel Speed Management System

  • Reduce or add power to maintain target wheel speed
  • Accurate to 1 RPM
  • 1000 samples per second
  • Proportional control
  • Real time corrections
  • Optional self learning TC
  • Bump box / Pro Axe built in
  • Spool assist
  • Wheelie control
  • Special versions for Holley EFI & FuelTech


  • Intuitive PC interface
  • Four 30A solid state outputs
  • Four 750mA solid state outputs
  • Powerful output control with adjustable duty cycle and pulsing
  • 400 Hz data logging built in
  • Wireless upload / download
  • Comprehensive ignition control

 Looking for a hassle-free integration of the Profiler to your EFI or data logger system? We can help! Contact for more info.