24x to 58x LSX Harness Conversion Kit

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NOTICE! This kit is only for aftermarket efi systems that can be configured for varying different crank / cam configurations. This kit will NOT work with a GM factory pcm / ecm.

Making the switch from a gen 3 to a gen 4 block on your aftermarket ecu-equipped ride, but unsure about the wiring? We've made it easy! This kit allows you to easily convert your aftermarket efi engine harness from 24x to 58x, such as a Holley, Haltech, FuelTech, etc.

Aside from the varying differences of injectors and intake manifold styles, which are moot point if using an aftermarket manifold, the main difference in engine management wiring between a 24x and 58x engine is the wiring and location of the crank and cam sensors. This kit allows you to extend the cam sensor lead up to the timing cover, and to switch the crank sensor connector using the supplied depinning tool.

If the harness is not damaged, no cutting or crimping required.

What's in the Box

  • Jolt Systems Cam Sensor Extension
  • Genuine Delphi 58x Gray Crank Sensor Connector Housing
  • Spare Terminals & Seals for Crank Sensor Connector
  • Genuine Delphi Depinning Tool
  • Electronic Copy of Instructions
  • Knock Sensor Conversion Harness (Optional)

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