Do you convert factory GM harnesses to standalone?

No. While this is something we're regularly asked to do, it has proven not worth the time for the effort put in. The looks, performance and reliability of the end result just don't compare when you start with a dirty, brittle harness with a sketchy history.

You never know what you're going to find with a 10 + year old wiring harness that spent its life in a truck, especially if it's been wrecked, in a fire or sitting in the weeds at the junk yard. We're all about offering the best solutions with solid bang-for-the-buck, and we strongly feel our 100% brand new harnesses offer just that.


What makes a Jolt Systems harness 'custom'?

We give you all the options to make a harness that is truly a perfect fit for your build. While other harness builders offer one constraining layout, we offer all the options to give you a perfect fit and finish, regardless of what your combo uses for style of intake, throttle body, MAP sensor, crank pickup, etc. Because who wants to buy a brand new harness, only to have to either cut it apart and modify it, or to have to buy a bunch of ugly, over-priced sensor adapters to make it work for their setup?


How do I know what style of injectors I have?

Both factory and aftermarket injectors come in a variety of different body styles, and all have their own unique connectors.

For this reason, all Jolt Systems harnesses utilize a modular injector harness to allow flexibility for future upgrades and eliminate the need for cheap adapter pigtails.

  • EV1: Common ones include stock LS1 & LS6, Billet Atomizers, FID 1200's, FIC injectors and most Bosch 160's.
  • EV6: Common ones include stock LS3, LS7, LS9 & LSA, 03+ GM truck, FID 1000's.
  • Multec: Stock 99-02 GM truck.
  • Denso: Common ones include FID 2000's, most Bosch 210's and several stock import aplications.


How long does it take to receive a harness?

Current lead times for harnesses are posted on the products pages. We do our best to keep them up-to-date, and to communicate updates through progress after an order is placed. While we are constantly working to cut down lead times and increase efficiency, top-notch quality and the value add of a custom build will always be our top priorities.

Do you work with professional installers and shops?

Absolutely! We proudly work with speed shops, professional tuners and retailers across the country on specific products and projects. We can build and stock spec products for shops that are continually ordering the same or similar builds. We also offer specialized pricing for volume and continuous orders. Contact us for details.

Do you work with educational programs?

You bet! We are all about spreading good knowledge and giving back when we can, and we are proud to offer discounted products and equipment, as well as insight and consultation for high school and college level automotive programs. Contact us today for details.

Do you offer professional installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation on all products we offer, done the right way. From basic swap harness installs to full race system rewires, we have you covered. Click here for more info.