High Power IGN-1A Smart Coil Harness Kit for Holley EFI / Ford Modular & Coyote

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Making the switch to smart coils on your Ford Mod Motor or Coyote, but already have Holley EFI? Our Mod Motor specific kit makes a hassle-free transition from the stock Ford 2 pin coils.

Smart coils are an excellent choice for ignition on high compression / high boost race cars, but have very specific power and grounding requirements to hit their full spark potential. Our complete harness kit allows for just that with a simple plug-and-play installation. Our smart coil wiring kit is also one of the cleanest, best-finished and most inclusive kits available.


  • Compatible with IGN-1A smart coils from all popular brands, including Holley, Haltech, FuelTech, AMP EFI, FireCore and more
  • Made specifically for Holley EFI Ford modular harnesses
  • Connects in place of the Holley coil drivers
  • Ignitor connections extended to reach back to "IGN MOD IN" connections on main trunk
  • Individually numbered leads

What's in the Box

  • Bank 1 & Bank 2 plug-and-play coil harnesses
  • 13' high power battery relay harness
  • Battery terminal kit