Plug-and-Play Driver Module Harness Kit for 16 Staged Injectors

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If you're stepping up the fuel game on your boosted Dominator EFI combo, make life easier with our fully terminated injector driver module harness for the Holley EFI injector driver module.


  • All leads fully terminated and plug-and-play except for battery power / ground.
  • Fused power & heavy duty sealed relay built in for injector power
  • Injector harnesses included are compatible with all main harnesses from Holley.
  • Included injector harnesses are interchangeable between stage I and stage II injectors.
  • Pre-configured to run eight stage II injectors fully sequential through J2B ecu connector
  • Pre-configured for low-side drive.
  • For use with Dominator EFI only

Ordering Guidelines

  • If only one injector harness is needed, select "I already have one" for stage I, and make injector harness selection for stage II. 
  • If running two different styles of injector between stage I and stage II, select for stage I and stage II in the order they're listed in the dropdowns. For example, select "EV1" first, then "Denso (Bosch 210)" for stage II instead of the other way around.

What's in the Box

  • Terminated Module Harness
  • Power / Ground Ring Terminal Kit
  • 2x Injector Harnesses
  • Holley 554-143 (optional)