Shock Travel Harness Kit

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This harness kit allows you to cleanly and easily pin shock travel sensors into your EFI system. 


  • Fully loomed and terminated harness
  • 18" stub lead pins to ECU and keeps the full shock sensor harness easily removable
  • Shock travel sensor ends terminated with Deutsch DTM style connectors
  • Configurations available for rear only, 3 corner and 4 corner shock travel
  • 13-foot "Y" harness for rear shock sensors
  • Staggered lengths for front shock leads on four corner harness for clean routing through firewall to front sensors.


What's In The Box

  • Shock sensor harness
  • Stub lead for connecting shock sensor harness to ECU
  • Loose ECU terminals & splice kit
  • Shock sensor connectors with loose terminals (optional)