Standalone Harness - Gen III LS / Vortec DBW with Auto Transmission

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Get your LS swap up and running with our plug-and-play standalone harness. This harness will work with any 1999 - early 2007 5.7, 4.8, 5.3, or 6.0 engine with a 24 tooth reluctor and electronic throttle body driven by an external TAC module.

NOTE: We strongly recommend that the throttle body, pedal and TAC module all be sourced together from the same donor vehicle. These early DBW setups are particularly temperamental, and problems may occur with mix-matched components.

Jolt Systems swap harnesses achieve the ultimate in ease of installation, killer features and professional looks. The universal layout tucks the harness for a nice, clean, hidden installation, and puts the PCM either on the firewall or behind the dash. Perfect for you LS swapped track car, street rod or classic ride. Every harness is built to order and custom-tailored to your exact specs for a true custom fit. Our harnesses are built from the ground up with 100% brand new components and OEM connectors.



  • Critical sensor connections for the throttle body and intake are specifically set to your specs, giving you an exact fit no matter what combo of intake, throttle body and MAP sensor you’re running.
  • Modular injector harness allows flexibility for future fuel system upgrades without the need for chintzy-looking injector plug adapters.
  • The two oxygen sensor leads have generous lengths, allowing for use with long tube or forward facing headers.
  • Hookup leads available to log AFR with the PCM through a wideband controller or gauge.



We set out to offer wiring systems with the best next-level features at an affordable price. When your build is not “just another LS swap”, we’re proud to offer a system that is not “just another swap harness”.

  • Every harness is wrapped in braided nylon loom, with dual-wall heat shrink securing all ends and breakouts. Corrugated plastic loom and miles of electrical tape are just not for us.
  • Sensor leads are individually twisted not only to make the harness as slim and flexible as possible, but also for killer looks.
  • Optional firewall bulkhead disconnects keep the firewall sealed, make pulling the engine a breeze and really make the engine bay pop. 


Jolt Systems EFI harnesses are designed and built with the installer and enthusiast in mind. Whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist, the power pack of integrated standard features will have you spending less time hunting down parts and running wires.

  • All sensor ends and connections are permanently labeled with printed heat shrink ends for guess-free installation.
  • Fully weatherproof load center can be mounted in the engine bay worry-free.
  • Fully inclusive flying lead wiring for two fans and fuel pump included standard.
  • Integrated hookups for tachometer, oil pressure and coolant temperature, compatible with most aftermarket and GM factory gauges.
  • Flying lead hookups for a simple your choice of cruise control switches.
  • Integrated lead for one-wire alternator. No need to hunt down resistors or mess with a bulb in the dash.
  • Detachable harness for OBD II port and check engine light included.
  • Amber LED for check engine light included.
  • Electronic copy of fully inclusive instructions showing fuse & relay data, full-color connection pictures and pinouts, and installation & troubleshooting tips.