Vibration Isolator Mount Set

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It seems like every time you need a set of these, you can't find them. So we took the problem into our own hands!

Perfect for mounting electronics and other devices to mitigate harmful shock and vibration.

  • Ignition boxes
  • MSD Grid
  • ECU's and controllers
  • Sensor blocks
  • Boost solenoids


  • Oil-resistant natural rubber with steel threads
  • Stainless steel socket head screws and nylon lock nuts included
  • M6 male / female threads - For mounting in 1/4" holes.
  • 31 lb capacity per mount, 4.5 lb shear capacity
  • 5/8" dia. x 5/8" ht.

What's in the Box

  • Vibration Isolator Mount (4x)
  • M6 Nylon Lock Nut (4x)
  • M6 Stainless Socket Head Screw (4x)