Bosch 210 Denso Injector Harness for Holley EFI

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We've filled the gap by offering injector sub-harnesses that work directly with your existing Holley EFI main harness, but with injector plug options that are otherwise not available.

Direct plug-and-play with ID2000, FID2000, FIC 2150 and Bosch 210 injectors that use the Sumitomo style connector. No chintzy adapters needed!

Jolt Systems injector harnesses also offer a cleaner layout, allowing the harness to be tucked and hidden either under the intake runners or between the manifold and the fuel rails.

Compatible with Holley main harnesses for HP, Dominator & Terminator X EFI.

Harness Labeling

Injector harness bank leads are permanently labeled BANK 1 and BANK 2 with printed heat shrink labels. Labeling denotes as follows - 

  • GM / Chrysler / LSX
    • BANK 1: Driver's side 1-3-5-7
    • BANK 2: Pass. side 2-4-6-8
  • Ford / Mod Motor
    • BANK 1: Pass. side 1-2-3-4
    • BANK 2: Driver's side 5-6-7-8