Connector Kit - Ignition Coil Bank 1 / Bank 2 (Pair) LSX Holley Harness

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Pair of Metripack 150 female connectors. These connectors are 7 position (8 position with cavity D blanked). Standard connector found on LS style engine harnesses, mates with ignition coil bank sub-harnesses. Also used with several Ford & Mopar Holley harnesses made to convert to GM style coils.

What's in the Box

  • Genuine Delphi connector housings (2x)
  • Genuine Delphi TPA locks (2x)
  • All required cable seals 
  • Cavity plugs for use if power and ground cavities are not used (4x)
  • Required terminals + two extra
  • Heat shrink labels for each coil bank