Curly Cord Momentary Button - Green

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Perfect for mounting on your steering wheel or shifter handle for trans brake, staging bump button, boost scramble, nitrous purge, bang button, line lock, page toggle, etc.

High quality OTTO buttons are the standard for motorsport and military / aeronautic applications. The switch contains self-cleaning terminals and a 1lb spring for a light "snappy" feel.

Button contact operation is momentary - Only active when button is pressed down.


  • Button case material: Nickel plated aluminum
  • Head diameter: 7/8in (22mm)
  • Green button diameter: 3/8in (9mm)
  • Mounting hole size: 5/8in (16mm)
  • Cord length, relaxed: 26in (66cm)
  • Current rating: 12A
  • Ingress protection: IP65