Holley EFI EZ Flex Fuel Harness

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Add flex fuel capabilities to your Holley EFI setup hassle free. This harness removes the frustration and guess work of splicing and wiring in resistors by plugging right into the four pin power tap of your Holley main harness.

Compatible with all Holley main harnesses for Terminator X, HP and Dominator with the four-pin power tap connector next to the eight-pin I/O stub on the main trunk.


  • Male / female "Y" connector plugs right into power tap but allows add-ons for other sensors
  • Pin the pre-crimped signal lead into an open "F" type input and go.
  • Permanent printed heat shrink label on both ends of lead
  • Pull-up resistor pre-wired and ready to go
  • For use with GM / Continental ethanol content sensors
  • Available in 6' and 10' lengths