Multec Injector Harness for Holley EFI (Early GM Truck)

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We've filled the gap by offering injector sub-harnesses that work directly with your existing Holley EFI main harness, but with cleaner routing and laid out more specifically to your application.

Direct plug-and-play with injectors commonly found on 99-06 GM truck engines (non-flex fuel) that use the Multec style connector. No chintzy adapters needed!

Jolt Systems injector harnesses are built with mindful injector spacing, specific to the intended application, so they route much more cleanly than the semi-universal harnesses from Holley.

Each lead has a permanent white-on-black heat shrink label at the front cylinder for each side.

GM / Chrysler harnesses:

Bank 1 - 1-3-5-7

Bank 2 - 2-4-6-8

Compatible with Holley main harnesses for HP, Dominator & Terminator X EFI.

Compare to Holley P/N 558-214.