Plug-and-Play Driver Module Harness Kit for 8 Injectors

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Think of this harness as a "big wire" kit for your injectors! Plug and play with your existing engine harness from Holley EFI, this system is used for driving one set of eight injectors using Holley's injector driver module part no. 554-143.


  • All leads fully terminated and plug-and-play except for battery power / ground.
  • Fused power & heavy duty sealed relay built in for injector power
  • Injector harnesses included are compatible with all main harnesses from Holley.
  • Pre-configured for low-side drive.
  • For use with Holley HP or Dominator EFI

    What's in the Box

    • Terminated module harness
    • Power / ground ring terminal kit
    • Injector Harness (optional)