Roll Bar Mount Switch Box - 6 Rocker & E-Stop, Pre-Wired

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We've teamed up with Billet Automotive Buttons® to offer a race car switch panel system that offers top notch looks and installs hassle-free. Break the norm and make the interior of your race car stand out with some Australian billet goodness!


  • One piece billet aluminum body, hard anodized
  • CNC-cut hard acrylic face plate
  • Overall dimensions 9.65"W x 2.68"H x 3.15"D*
  • *Depth measured from center of roll bar tube
  • Stainless hardware included

All the options

  • Independent LED backlighting for upper and lower portions of switch
  • Variety of backlighting color combinations available
  • Limitless possibilities of text and symbols on each button. If it fits on the button, it can be done!
  • Undermount LED dome lighting option available
  • Pre-wired with a 7' lead, terminated with a 12 pin DTM connector

Roll bar mount tube size

  • 1-5/8" (42mm) tube is standard as is common with NHRA legal cages.
  • 1-1/2" (38mm) and 1-3/4" (45mm) are available upon request.

LED dome lighting options

  • Ready to wire to external switch - Two flush-mount LED's in the bottom face of the switch box, with ground leads terminated at the end of the 7' lead. Ready to hook up to door jamb switches or other external switch.
  • Dedicated rocker - Two flush-mount LED's in the bottom face of the switch box. One of the rocker switches is labeled "DOME" and used to activate the lights.
  • With under-mount toggle switch - Two flush-mount LED's and a short toggle switch in the bottom face of the switch box. Toggle switch activates the lights so a rocker is not used up for the dome lighting.